Michelle Obama Brags: ‘Many’ Around the World Feel Barack Is ‘Their President’

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How tone-deaf can she be?

Michelle Obama says people consider Barack to be “their president.”

This is a veiled swipe at President Trump and is a classless attempt at implying Trump isn’t considered the president to all Americans.

She could use a dose of humble pie…
“Barack’s presidential library could have been anywhere in the world because there are so many people who feel like he is their president.”

“New York wanted it. Hawaii wants it. Because it’s also an economic engine.”

These people just can’t give up power. That’s what this is all about.

Michelle also claimed in the same interview that whites are afraid of blacks…

Just a reminder that the Obamas live in an $8 million mansion in Kalorama, DC which is 83% white and just 3.8% black.

Michelle Obama wants Americans to think that there is still a racial divide and that whites are “still running” from minorities. She made the divisive and racist remark at the Obama Foundation Summit, held at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

She’s using the tired cliche that “white flight” is happening in 2019 by saying that whites are “afraid of black people.” This is exactly what Democrats have done for decades to garner votes from the black community. Shame on Michelle but she just can’t help herself. She chooses to be stuck in the past and wants others in the black community to stay with the Democrats and their belief that there is a racial divide. It’s all about power and votes. Just ask Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

“I can’t make people not afraid of black people. I don’t know what’s going on, I can’t explain what’s happening in your head, but maybe if I show up every day as a human, a good human … Just maybe that work will pick away at the scabs of your discrimination.”

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